Write for Us: CBD, Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana Guest Post Opportunities

CBD Write for us: We always seek new writers and contributors to guest posts on Invest in Weed. If you’re an aspiring or experienced writer seeking a platform online to display your work, share your experiences in the cannabis industry review of CBD, Cannabis, Hemp, and Marijuana products, advice, and advice with other CBD entrepreneurs.

Invest In Weed creates unique information and top-quality news about cannabis companies making strides in the field.

Each article will include an author’s attribution, a biographical, hyperlinks to your website, and social networks. The articles are promoted on social networks and our email list.

Mail Us: majorblazer031@gmail.com

A Few Reasons Why You Should Blog For Us

1. Enhance exposure for your site or blog at no cost.

2. Join our ever-growing community.

3. Inform us know what you’ve learned from the European Cannabis (CBD) Community and hear about your experiences.

In Exchange, What Do You Get?

1. There are many benefits to making CBD guest posts on our website, but one of the biggest is exposure!

2. You will be credited for all guest blog posts and a hyperlink to their website in their author bio.

3. Promoting your content on our site’s weekly newsletter or biweekly.

This is a great opportunity whether you’re trying to establish your name known within the field or to draw attention and more traffic to your blog.


1. We’d like to assist you in helping earn credit for your guest blog posts by letting you include a signature or byline. This space isn’t intended for advertisements. Tell us about yourself and what you’re doing in the space. Invest In Weed’s community.

2. Besides the bios, authors can add links to websites. We allow up to two connections per person. However, they cannot be affiliate hyperlinks, MLM sites, or explicit content.

3. The articles must only be used one time. You are not allowed to reuse the article on your blog or any site that publishes content. This can be detrimental to your blog’s original content, but having several different versions of the post creates a duplicate content issue.

4. Guest posts from Hemp aren’t connected to authors’ blogs. If you use news articles or articles published by other bloggers, you have to credit them, but we won’t permit linking to your own blog. This rule prohibits posting “fluff” to promote another website.

5. Images should be large enough to be 550 pixels. Original photographs or images from the public domain are required. It is your responsibility to credit your photos.

6. Authors must adhere to copyright laws and not infringe on other authors’ rights. This means they should not copy the work of other authors or documents.

7. All submissions will become the property of our website. However, if you do not request anonymity and you request anonymity, you will be acknowledged for the effort.

8. We reserve the right to refuse any article, publication, article, or comment we consider inappropriate.

9. Our editorial staff reserves the option to modify your articles to meet editorial requirements. This could include modifications to spelling, grammar, or style.

10. When you send your article to us, you must ensure that they are proofread. You can contact us.

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