What if God Smoked Cannabis! By Bob Rivers

Bob Rivers is an American comedian, radio personality, and musician. He is known for his humorous parodies of popular songs and his work as a radio DJ. Rivers began his career as a radio DJ in the 1980s, and he later became known for his comedic music, including his “Twisted Christmas” albums, which feature humorous Christmas-themed parodies of popular songs.

He is famous for “what if god smoked cannabis” song.

Rivers has released several comedy albums and has also written several books. In addition to his work in radio and music, Rivers has also worked as a television host and voice actor.

Lyrics: What if God Smoked Cannabis

If God had long hair, and a goatee
And if his eyes were pretty glazed
If he looked spaced out
Would you buy his story?
Would you believe he had an eye infection?

And yeah, yeah, God looks baked
Yeah, yeah, God smells good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What if God smoked cannabis?
Hit the bong like some of us?
Drove a tye-dyed micro-bus?
And he subscribes to Rolling Stone?

When God made this place, in the beginning
Did he plant any seeds?
Or did he put them there for Adam and Eve
So they’d be hungry for the apple that the snake was always offering?

And yeah, yeah, God rolls great
Yeah, yeah, God smells good
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What if God smoked cannabis
Do you ‘spose He had a buzz
When He made the platypus
When He created Earth our homes
Does He like Pearl Jam or The Stones?
And do you think He rolls His own?
Up there in heaven on the throne
And when the saints go marching home
Maybe He sits and smokes a bone….

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