Cannabis Overwatering: Everything You Must Know About It

Cannabis overwatering: Watering your plants is definitely a good thing, but you must know when to stop. The location, temperature, age of the plant and there are many factors that influence the amount of water you must give to the plant. Specially newbies with little to no knowledge of growing cannabis plants end up overwatering them.

Cannabis overwatering occurs when a plant receives too much water, leading to a number of problems that can affect its growth and overall health. If you overwater your plant, then it might rot or won’t produce any strain at all. If you are considering increasing your knowledge about cannabis overwatering, read this post until the end. We have shared some really useful information that will come in handy to keep your plants protected.

Problems Caused By Overwatering The Cannabis

Both overwatered and underwatered cannabis plants will cause issues, and you must keep an eye on their water levels. The drainage system, soil used, and the location where the plants are kept play a crucial role in their water consumption. If you get an adequate amount of sunlight in your home, the plants must be kept out for a few hours of the day to increase their photosynthesis process. If you’ve grown it in indoor lighting, keep it there only, as changing the light source can directly impact its growth. Here are some of the major problems that overwatering cannabis plants cause.

Moulds – If you’ve overwatered your plants, then it might create moulds on the leaves and strains. It can be really harmful to consume such plantations, and it might affect the growth of the plants. The major concern here is real health issues like skin irritation and lung cancer.

Curling Leaves – If the leaves of your cannabis plant have started curling from the edges, then it is a sign that you have overwatered it. Not only because of this but leaves can get curled because of environmental stress, pests, and other plant-related infections.

Twisted Roots – Roots are the most important part of a plant and play a direct role in its growth until death. If your plant’s roots have started breaking or are being twisted, then there’s something wrong with them. Overwatering, poor drainage, and the wrong type of soil can be a reason behind that.

Yellow & Brittle Leaves – Edges of the leaves of a cannabis plant might turn brown or yellow in colour because of both overwatering and underwatering. You can check the soil where you’ve planted your plant, and if the soil is wet, then it means the leaves are getting brittle because of excess water.

Signs and Symptoms To Identify An Overwatered Cannabis Plant

If you are good at spotting the hints and changes coming in your plants, then you can identify overwatering at an initial stage. This will help you in taking quick action and save your plant from dying. Below we have mentioned a few signs that might indicate that you have overwatered a cannabis plant.

  • The plant starts dropping the leaves.
  • It starts twisting towards the ground.
  • Leaves started changing their colour and posture.
  • Soil is always wet.
  • No strains are growing/blooming.

How To Water Cannabis Properly | Cannabis Watering Guide

If you are new to growing cannabis plants, then it is really important for you to know how to water plants properly. Remember that a plant’s life is divided into 4 different parts; Gemination, Seedling, Vegging, and Flowering. A dedicated plan and watering routine must be followed to ensure the proper growth of the plant.


When you’ve just soiled the plant or seeds, either put the seeds between two paper towels so excess water can be soaked easily. Once the seeds start sprouting, you can transfer them to the pot and repeat the same process there too. Use a good planter with a drainage hole beneath it from where excess water can be removed automatically.


Once your plant has started growing, keep using a spray bottle to water it. Pouring water directly with a can or jug might overwater it. Also, you must prefer using clean water and not from a general tap to ensure the best growth of your plant. Do not touch or move the plant for 5-6 weeks after plantation to keep it secure.


When your plant has a few inches in height, it is growing at a good pace, and now you must take care of the soil and water combination to give it a growth booster. If you want, you can add some pesticides and nutrients to the soil and regularly water your plant by keeping it in the sunlight for a few hours every day.


So, if you have reached the last stage, “flowering,” then you can pat your back as you’ve done a good job by not overwatering the plant and keeping it safe from other calamities too. At this point in time, the plant’s leaves can get dried, so water your plant by mixing hydrogen peroxide in it to give it more strength.

FAQs Related To Cannabis Overwatering Solutions

What Happens If You Over Water Cannabis?

Not only cannabis, but if you overwater almost any plant, then it will now grow properly and might face nutrient deficiency. Every plant and strain of cannabis has different life stages, and you must pay attention to every detail while growing and watering your plant. Overwatering the plant will not make it grow the strain, and it might also die.

How Do You Fix Overwatering?

If you have a planter with a drainage hole at the bottom, then you can squeeze the soil with your hands to drain the water faster. Also, you can take some paper towels or napkins, place them over the entire soil, and press them firmly with the palm of your hands. You can also add a layer of dry soil to the pot and mix well.

What Does Overwatering Look Like In Cannabis?

Overwatered cannabis plants might have yellow/brown-coloured leaves, curling leaves, and moulds on the stem. If your plant has started bending towards the ground, you may have poured excess water into it. Also, if the leaves of your plant have started falling or smelling bad, then these are also signs of overwatering.

Can Cannabis Recover From Overwatering?

Cannabis and almost every other plant can recover from overwatering, and it completely depends on the actions you are taking on them. You can either follow the steps we have mentioned above or let your planter dry completely before you water it again. Add some dry soil to the pot and mix it well so it can absorb the excess water.

Is It OK To Water Cannabis Every Other Day?

Watering a marijuana plant every day is not recommended, but you can do it every 2-3 days. Maintain a proper watering schedule, as it will make your plant grow in a proper way. The water cycle depends on the location where you are growing your plant, the weather conditions, the age of the plant and also on the strain you are growing.

Things To Remember While Watering Cannabis

There are many things you must remember while watering plants, which do not apply only to cannabis plants. Every species of plant has its own limitation, so you must water it only to a certain level. Both overwatering and underwatering will lead to several problems, and your flowers won’t bloom at all. If you are growing a unique strain of cannabis, then it is really important to take good care of it else you might lose it completely. Below we have shared some tips you must remember while watering your plants, which will surely help you take good care of them.

  • Always use a spray bottle to water your plants.
  • Do not use synthetic products that claim to increase plant growth.
  • Always keep the soil and potter clean.
  • Set a schedule for watering your plant, and do not break it.
  • Use paper towels to soak excess water from the plant.
  • Leave your plant in sunlight for a couple of hours every day.

Final Words

You must pay attention to the cannabis overwatering signs and act accordingly. We have tried to share everything related to overwatering and underwatered cannabis plants, and we hope you are now able to understand the right things to do while watering your plants. Do share your views if you know something about watering cannabis plants.

This post gets updated with new information along with tips and tricks to get the best out of your plants, so keep visiting this page to learn about it. If you think your cannabis plant has dried or you might have overwatered it, then do connect with us via the comments below to get assistance in saving the plant.

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